Certified Plus is our guarantee that we provide the highest quality aftermarket products and services for traceability of your TOC measurements.

Certified Plus

The Certified Plus plan is our most comprehensive service plan available and is our guarantee to provide the highest quality aftermarket products and services. Covering a full spectrum of support, service, reference materials, and parts and upgrades, Certified Plus also includes a fixed total cost of ownership for the ultimate peace of mind. Certified Plus includes:

  • Certified Field Service Engineers (FSEs) with 1000s of hours of hands-on experience will visit your site
  • Sievers Certified parts and components
  • Sievers Certified Reference Materials (standards) and Certified TOC Vials

What is Traceability of Measurements?

For starters, it begins with the measurement result, not with the instrument itself. Second, any variability found in the measurements must “trace” back to the quality or certification of the materials, methods, or people that are part of the measurement system.

Sievers is focused on ensuring data integrity through traceability for customers relying on our measurements systems to control their critical processes. To ensure data integrity, it is important for us to help you close the loop on quality.

By ensuring traceability of the TOC measurements, our customers can:

  • Reduce variability in the data that is a reflection of the process
  • Maximize instrument uptime for production processes
  • Eliminate detrimental costs of re-installation or instrument replacement
  • Rely on GE Analaytical Instruments’ certification of materials, methods, and people

To learn more about traceability, read about Traceability of Standards.

Certified Plus Services

Visit our Certified Plus Aftermarket Services page for more detail on available services, or click here to have one of our Certified Plus sales specialists contact you to discuss options.

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