The 500 RLe was designed specifically for microelectronics applications.

Sievers 500 RLe Overview

The Microelectronics and Semiconductor TOC Analyzer

The Sievers 500 RLe On-Line TOC Analyzer represents the latest advancement in the science of ultra low-level TOC measurement in microelectronic applications. The 500 RLe replaces the Sievers Model PPT as the industry’s only on-line, reagentless TOC analyzer capable of accurately detecting problematic compounds such as urea, trimethylamine, organic acids and bases.

The 500 RLuses GE Analytical Instrument's membrane conductometric technology, delivering ultra low-level accuracy and reliability by eliminating false positive and false negative readings associated with other simplified TOC technologies. 

Sievers 500 RLe and PPT TOC Comparison

Design enhancements allow the 500 RLe to operate on higher conductivity waters than the PPT while still delivering the same analytical performance, thus making the 500 RLe more versatile and reliable.  The analyzer also works well in low DO water systems, resolving TOC recovery issues that are difficult for other reagentless TOC analyzers.

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500 RLe 

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