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M-power your team to be compliant and efficient

Designed to not only be fast, but also simple to operate and maintain, the M9 series of TOC Analyzers allows you to maximize productivity in the lab, online, or at-line. The Sievers M9 provides the speed, versatility, and accuracy you need for ultrapure water monitoring, and applications such as reclaim monitoring in microelectronics and cleaning validation in pharmaceuticals. 

The Sievers M9 TOC Analyzers are engineered to meet stringent global regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, including USP <643> and <645>, EP 2.2.44 Total Organic Carbon, IP 2.4.30, CP Appendix VIII R, and JP16 2.59 monographs for Purified Water and Water for Injection.

M9 Laboratory superior productivity
  • Measure discrete grab samples or use with the Sievers Autosampler
  • Capable of Stage 1 conductivity analysis with simultaneous testing of TOC and conductivity
M9 On-Line uninterrupted analysis
  • Continuous monitoring with the ability to introduce grab samples and standards
  • Broad TOC range for ultrapure water analysis, cleaning validation, or other challenging samples
  • Optional Turbo mode with readings every 4 seconds
M9 Portable genuine versatility:
  • Can be used for online monitoring, grab sampling, or with the Sievers Autosampler
  • Compact design for at-line applications such as cleaning validation
  • Offers simultaneous measurement of TOC and conductivity