M5310 C

Organics monitoring to deliver data-driven decisions, guide treatment optimization and meet regulatory compliance

The M5310 C Series of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed specifically for the drinking water industry and emerging reuse projects. Monitoring organic matter provides an understanding of variations in water quality and helps make informed decisions about treatment processes. The M5310 C’s simple set up and ease of use offers an effective solution for quality control and compliance needs.

The analyzers are compliant with Standard Methods 5310 C and US EPA 415.3 using UV persulfate oxidation with membrane conductivity detection. The innovative Membrane Conductometric Detection technology delivers unmatched stability and reliability for TOC analysis.

Available configurations: Laboratory, On-Line and Portable

M5310 C Laboratory superior productivity
  • Measures discrete grab samples or automated analysis with the optional Sievers Autosampler
M5310 C On-Line uninterrupted analysis
  • Continuous monitoring or discrete grab sample integration
  • One stream or two stream options
M5310 C Portable genuine versatility
  • Measures discrete grab samples, automated analysis with the optional Sievers Autosampler, or On-Line mode

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