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Products Overview

Sievers instruments are the most sensitive laboratory and process control instrumentation available. The world's leading manufacturer of instruments used to measure total organic carbon (TOC) in water, we also offer other innovative analytical instrumentation solutions for a wide range of applications and analysis. The following products are sold through under the Sievers brand:

Sievers TOC Analyzers

Sievers TOC Analyzers are known as “the gold standard” in several vital industries. Sievers laboratory, on-line, and portable TOC analyzers enable highly automated and accurate organic analysis in ultrapure, municipal quality, and waste waters. Key applications are in pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, municipal, power generation, industrial process, environmental, chemical/petrochemical and wastewater.

CheckPoint TOC Sensor

The CheckPoint Portable/On-Line TOC Sensor makes it possible to measure TOC anytime, anywhere. The first battery-powered TOC measuring device, CheckPoint is a valuable diagnostic tool for many pharmaceutical, semiconductor and power applications.

Sievers Certified Reference Materials (TOC Standards) 

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of ready-to-use, traceable TOC standards for calibration, linearity and USP system suitability applications.

Sievers UPW Boron Analyzer

The world's only on-line boron analyzer, the Sievers UPW Boron Analyzer offers low part-per-trillion sensitivity and provides continuous monitoring and protection in microelectronics and power applications.


DataPro, DataGuard, and DataShare are some of the software solutions we offer to facilitate regulatory compliance, reporting, and general analysis with our instruments.