The InnovOx TOC Analyzers can measure the organics in water used for hydraulic fracturing (frac), oil sands and other unconventional gas processes.

Unconventional Oil & Gas

The Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzer helps companies monitor, measure, and control organics. Our instrument differs from other environmental TOC Analyzers by efficiently oxidizing water samples with high salt content easily. InnovOx's robust Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO) method has enabled accurate analyses in water samples with chlorides as high as 300,000 mg/L, which is critical, considering the brackish waters produced in both oils sands and hydraulic fracturing applications.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Unconventional gas sources, such as shale gas, and innovative drilling methods are contributing more and more to the energy supply. Water scarcity and wastewater quality are critical issues for the hydraulic fracturing (frac) industry. The environmental policies surrounding frac applications are evolving rapidly and differ widely by city, state and country.

To support the challenges of today's unconventional gas industry, Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzer measures organics in the millions of gallons of water needed for shale and tight gas production, including the flowback and produced water. Knowing the TOC value will help determine what treatment process and/or operational parameters are best for treating these waters for use and reuse.

Oil Sands

Water is an important focal point of the oil sands industry. Efforts to balance the oil sands process with environmental concerns have led to strict regulations on source and process water uses in the oil sands industry. Recently enacted standards require thermal in-situ oil sands operations to recycle as much as 90-95% of process-affected water, making it essential for plants to monitor water quality closely in order to operate with unprecedented efficiency.

We offer the Sievers InnovOx TOC Analyzer to help our customers monitor the water quality associated with an oil sands project. This helps reduce the project risks and costs by managing their valuable water resources and optimizing plant performance and reliability.