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Total organic carbon (TOC) analysis is critical to preventing corrosion and costly damage to equipment.

Power Overview

TOC Analyzers and Sensors

Total organic carbon (TOC) testing can reduce the risk of damage and corrosion to turbines and condensate return systems due to organic contamination. GE Analytical Instruments provides a wide range of monitoring solutions for conventional, nuclear, and cogeneration power facilities. Our ASTM approved method is used extensively in power facilities worldwide. TOC Analyzers are also used for photovoltaic (PV) solar cell manufacturing. Our TOC instruments for power include:

Leakwise Oil-on-Water Monitors and Detectors

Hydroelectric and other power plants must constantly monitor for oil leaks to minimize costly maintenance or capital equipment costs, protect the environment, and avoid fines. Our Leakwise hydrocarbon monitoring solutions include:

  • ID-221 Oil Sheen Monitoring System 
  • ID-223 Oil Sheen Monitoring System
  • ID-225 Oil Thickness Monitoring System