Oil Tank Farms and Pipelines

Sievers Instruments have been around more than 15 years’ supplying reliable Leakwise Oil Spill and Leak Detection systems to oil/fuel storage facilities all over the world. The systems are being used in a variety of applications to address health and safety directives, environmental regulations, and economic necessity. Some examples include:

Groundwater Monitoring

It is extremely difficult to detect small leaks of oil or fuel from large tanks, and even sophisticated tank gauging systems cannot do this. However,  a Leakwise ID221 Oil Sheen Detector installed in a monitoring well near the tank will give a reliable warning on hydrocarbon seepage into the ground water much earlier than any manual sampling.

Floating Roof Drainage

Stormwater accumulated on a concave roof of a storage tank may affect its floatation, making it necessary to drain the water.  This is not usually a very satisfactory solution. Monitoring the drain exit of an individual tank with an ID223 Sensor is the most reliable way to inform management that leaks have occurred and which tank needs to be repaired.

Pipeline Leak Detection

Pipeline companies may install “oil collection pots” in sensitive locations along the pipeline (e.g. near rivers and/ or groundwater drinking wells) for oil leakage monitoring. If an ID-223 Oil Sheen Detector installed in these monitoring “pots” detects oil or oil on water, it will set off an alarm in a remote location.

Pumping Station

A Leakwise ID-223 Oil Sheen Detector can be installed near oil-water separators, retention tanks, or in a sump to continuously monitor the water discharge. If an oil sheen is detected, an alarm is triggered. The water outlet valve can be closed or the water pump can be turned off by the Leakwise sensor.

Emergency Shut-off Station Monitoring

ID-223 Oil Sheen Detectors installed in concrete or other containments can continuously monitor unmanned shut-off stations and, in case of oil detection, send an alarm to a remote location.

Monitoring Tank Dikes

Leakwise is ideal for monitoring tank dikes to detect spills from overfilling or leaking pumps and pipes. Leakwise helps reduce product loss and fire hazards.