Order parts, standards, and other consumables through the North American Web Store.

North American Web store

Save time and order consumables, parts, and Sievers TOC Standards and Vials through the SUEZ's Water Technologies and Solutions on-line store 24/7. (Note:  The store is currently only available for customers in North America.)

Log Into The Store

If you already have a web store account, click here to visit the store.

Set up an Account

  1. Go to http://estore.gewater.com
  2. Click on New User on the menu bar and Create a new login ID
  3. Set up a Web Store account by checking the Terms & Conditions and your company relationship.
  4. Enter a Customer ID and click Validate OR check Proceed without Account Identifier
  5. Enter your detail as requested
  6. Almost immediately you will receive an email. If you provided a Customer ID, one confirms your SSO account and the second has an account activation link. Click the link. You will then be ready to log in and shop.
  7. If you proceeded without an identifier there will be a slight delay in the approval while your account is set up. Emails will send progress when you are approved.

Benefits to Ordering on the eStore

We hope you’ll find the Web Store to be a convenient and easy way to place your aftermarket orders, and encourage you to tell us about your experience. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Once logged in you will have:

  1. a wishlist that autofills with all of your Customer ID's purchases (eStore or phone orders) for the last year so there is no searching for these items.
  2. the abilty to reorder an entire order without reentering the parts. Under My Orders on the menu bar, click the previous order and click reorder.

Please NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or 8, functionality that previously worked on the Webstore may cease to work in IE7 and IE8 after August 2014. Bugs or performance issues that appear only when using IE7 and IE8 will not be investigated or fixed after this date. Please upgrade your browser before contacting support if you are experiencing issues with the site and are using one of these browsers.

Why are we ending support for IE7 and IE8? As we evaluate which browsers to support, we look at which ones will give our users the best experience and enable us to apply resources to areas that will add the most value for customers. In addition, Microsoft is discontinuing support for these browsers, and they don't work with HTML5 which most sites are using for development.