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Subject: GE’s Water & Process Technologies acquisition by SUEZ

Released: September 30, 2017, Boulder, Colorado

We are pleased to announce that GE’s former Water & Process Technologies business – which includes the Sievers® brand – has officially become a part of SUEZ. As a result of this acquisition, a new Business Unit called Water Technologies & Solutions is created within SUEZ, combining its industrial water offering with GE’s Water business.
This combination brings together two leading, highly complementary, global water businesses to create a worldwide leader in water technologies and solutions. Our technologies and solutions will continue to meet, if not better serve, your needs in terms of economic and environmental performance.
With the creation of SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions, you will see no change to the substance of your existing contract(s). While the name of the business will change to SUEZ, the underlying legal entity and associated tax ID# will remain.  In addition, you will continue to experience the high-level quality of service you have come to expect from us. In fact, we will be able to provide you with more competitive and innovative integrated solutions.
Becoming part of SUEZ gives us a stronger global presence and will allow for greater advancement of our high-quality instrumentation, support, and services. We are confident you will find a continued dedication to the quality and service you have come to expect from the Sievers brand. 

We will inform you as soon as possible with any changes which will affect ordering and payment essentials.

Sievers brand analytical instruments have a strong history of technical innovation, and hold numerous product design awards and more than 30 patents. Since developing the first Total Organic Carbon (TOC) instrument for the NASA space program in 1997, the company has achieved many other technology "firsts" by anticipating market needs and demands. Our primary goal is, and has always been, to maximize customer satisfaction and value. We continuously strive to exceed expectations by providing superior technology, design, manufacture, and service.

Market Leadership

Sievers brand analytical instruments represent global leadership in TOC technology for the pharmaceutical industry, with leadership positions in microelectronics and municipal water.


Sievers brand instruments combine the best technologies and people from Ionics, GE, and now SUEZ, to offer world-class products, services, and support to its customers. In 2008, the Boulder, Colorado facility started a Zero Waste program. The site currently diverts 75% of its waste to reuse, recycling and composting. In addition, there are projects focused on decreasing paper, electric and water use as well as purchasing recyclable/compostable materials for the building, a concept called pre-cycling. The facility received a Waste Diversion Award from Western Disposal for their efforts in 2012. Learn more about us in the history section.

The Sievers Brand

Sievers can be found in a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical, semiconductor, power generation, chemical, environmental, food and beverage, and medical research. Sievers instruments lead the world in technology used to measure total organic carbon (TOC) in water.