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Reach the Peak of Productivity with GE's NEW Sievers M-Series Analyzers

Your workday can be chaotic. Tools that boost productivity are essential. That’s why GE introduced the new Sievers M-Series Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers—created in Colorado, USA by folks who know a little something about the best way to tackle a daunting climb. Always quick to set up and easy to use, the Sievers M9/M9e/M5310 C Lab, On-Line, and Portable Analyzers now offer twice-as-fast readings, smarter data management, easy maintenance, and an instinctively simple interface. Enjoy peace of mind by using the perfect tool for monitoring a broad range of water samples from raw source water to the cleanest deionized water. Reach the peak of productivity with the M-Series on your team. Contact us today to schedule your demo, get a quote or ask questions.

Simple is Smarter - TOC Analysis Change Video

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are thinking about installing an on-line total organic carbon analyzer are likely to use it for one of two things: to reduce laboratory sampling or, most often, as a diagnostic tool to control a high purity water system. GE Analytical Instruments understands how complex these projects can be. You want an instrument that not only includes the most robust analytical technology available, but one that is simple to implement.

We invite you to watch this new, 2-minute video to see why simple is a smarter here.

Overview of TOC Monitoring in Process Water Presentation

GE Analytical Instruments presents the benefits and methodolgy for industrial facilities using Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis for water processes. Included are specific applications and case studies using TOC Analyzers on industrial water processes (e.g. wastewater optimization, leak detection). A comparison of TOC technologies and recommendation for monitoring locations rounds out the program. Review the presentation by clicking here.

New Sterile Water Testing Requirements Effective August 1.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers of sterile water need be prepared for the new TOC requirements which went into effect August 1, 2013. These changes directly affect the validation and intended use of new or existing total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers used for laboratory analysis. Read more about the new requirements here.

New Sievers Cleaning Validation Re-Imagined Addendums

Two new Sievers Cleaning Validation Re-Imagined Addendums that include specific steps on how to implement TOC for cleaning validation or verification.  Learn more...

GE Announces Certified Plus Products & Services

GE Analytical Instruments is pleased to introduce  its new Certified Plus program which helps Sievers Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer customers get the  best possible performance from their instruments and ensure traceability of their TOC measurement results. 

Latest Cleaning Validation Video and Seminar Schedule

See our newest video on cleaning validation using swabbing and TOC, and check out the schedule of Cleaning Validation seminars and presentations.

Re-Imagining Cleaning Validation

GE Analytical Instruments’ new Cleaning Validation Re-Imagined initiative encourages life science companies to re-think how they look at cleaning validation (CV). View links to see a short video, read an executive summary, join the CV Re-Imagined LinkedIn group, or view the December 2012 presentation to the PDA Conference in Tokyo here.

New JP16 Regulations and TOC Measurement

The deadine for complying with the new Japanese Pharmacopeai (JP16) regulations for TOC monitoring is September 30, 2012. Are you ready? Learn more about how you may be affected...

New Sievers TOC Standards and TOC Vials Video Available

See the new 3-minute Sievers TOC Standards and TOC Vials video showing how we minimize variability and risk through rigorous quality control, our unique cleanroom production facility, and more. View the video...

Smart Leakwise Controller Launches

Our new Smart Leakwise™ Controller (SLC-220) is a digital signal processor that interfaces with Leakwise ID-220 Oil-on-Water Monitoring Sensors to report hydrocarbons spill/leak alerts, including layer buildup and thickness. Learn more...